I am a singer
a creative soul
a wife and mother
who occasionally tries to cook

I love sea shells
and kindness 
and the smile of my girls
gives me inexplicable joy

I want to live a life of gratitude
choose brave love 
and find beauty
even in the difficult days

I think life is richer when we share the journey
so I hope you’ll join me
for a cyber cup of courage now and then...


C U P  O F  C O U R A G E  ☕️ 

Here’s one for those of you doing life with a lump in your throat today...and that lump could give way to tears at any second. 

Firstly, please know you are seen, not alone, and many other humans are experiencing turbulence alongside you today.

Secondly, please do whatever it takes to put your oxygen mask on, you’ll get through this turbulence.

Courage, dear heart, courage- speak it out over yourself. 

Third is optional: coffee 😉

What do you need? 

C U P  O F  C O U R A G E  ☕️ 

Do you know what you need? 

Have you asked yourself that lately? 

Take a look at these 12 words - which one is calling you? It may be shouting at you or quietly pleading.

Take a moment to tune in to yourself, because it’s important; if you don’t identify your current need, you won’t know what to seek after or follow to meet that need. 

So choose your word, my dear friend, then go on a treasure hunt this week and find it! 

Take time to nurture that precious soul inside of you ☕️ 


Embrace it all 

C U P O F C O U R A G E. ☕️ 

The word pounding in my heart today is EMBRACE.

Learning to embrace it ALL, both bitter with the sweet, not just wish it was all easier and better.

Are you still fighting it? Or afraid of it? Or angry?

I invite you to inhale some courage and EMBRACE whatever your hard stuff is, not out of resignation or hopelessness, but because it is wisdom.

Being present in our hardest stuff is where we learn, grow, change, soften. It's where love can be tasted differently. 

Over the weekend I embraced a familiar hard moment - watching one daughter shine with utter joy and pride while my other daughter sat in her wheelchair beside me. Yep, bittersweet at its best.

I am learning to open my heart to these moments, and embrace what they teach me about the power of brave love, true beauty and resilience.

We can still smile with tears in our eyes and a lump in our throat. Embracing it all can make the sweet stuff even sweeter. ☕️


C U P  O F  C O U R A G E  ☕️ 

Time to stop and remember. Look how far you’ve come!

Those seasons that were SO painful you thought you’d never recover.The hurt that wrecked you. That grief that swallowed up all your joy.Those times you thought you’d lost your faith. 

And here you are today. You made it! 

You feared it would take you out, but it didn’t.Whether by grace, grit, prayer, miracle, courage or love - here you stand. 

Feel the sweet blessing of this moment.Be grateful and smile. 

Hey, I’m glad you kept on living right through it. You’re worth it.

Get rid of the junk! 


C U P  O F  C O U R A G E  ☕️ 

This picture makes me laugh so hard because it’s exactly what we all need to do regularly: remove the crappy stuff that somehow finds its way into our mind!

From there it easily seeps into our heart and before we know it, bam! we believe a pack of lies about ourselves.

So before you blaze into the week, check the beliefs you are carrying today.

Have you picked up some junk that’s not true, leaving you discouraged, anxious or fearful?

If so, don’t let it stay, get it out! 
Replace it with TRUTH ❤️🙏 

Of course a hairdryer won’t cut it 😉 so try a good talk with yourself or a trusted friend, journaling or prayer; if you feel stuck with that dark stuff, please seek counsel from a professional.

To live in truth, we all need a version of this old hairdryer trick regularly 😉

Learn To Rest 

C U P O F C O U R A G E ☕️ 

So this was my life lesson this weekend.

I passed with flying colors.

I pushed the pause button on my life and escaped. Caught my breath. Gosh I needed it! 

Life can make us tired in many different ways, not just physically tired. Learning to REST is critical.

Do you know how to find rest for yourself? Moments to recharge and fill up your tank? 

Listen to your body and soul when it calls you to slow down. Don’t ignore it and power on, or you’ll get stuck in survival mode.

Learn to build REST STOPS into your everyday life. An hour here and there, an evening, or a whole day if you are lucky enough.

This is how we nurture, value and love ourselves. This is how we become strong and resilient.

Learn the lesson: when you get tired, learn to REST ☕️

Normal Messy Life 

C U P O F C O U R A G E  ☕️ 

Are you imperfect?

Is your life kind of messy? Maybe chaotic at times?

Yay! Welcome to NORMAL LIFE - to the everyday space and feelings we all live in.

Of course we all have our own version and degree of mess but yeah, basically none of us are perfect nor have the perfect life. or kids. or faith. or house.

So everyone take a huge EXHALE. YOU ARE OK and God loves you as you do your best to embrace it all and choose love and hope and faith each new day. 

Please don’t think for a minute that you’re the only one struggling - we are all just praying and finding our way through our mess. 

And in case no one told you today: you’re doing brilliantly!

You’re welcome 😉

Drink In The Truth 

C U P  O F  C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Hey, make sure you are drinking TRUTH into your soul today!

Too many people believing lies about their worth, resulting in despair. 

So in case you're not sure or you've forgotten, let me pour you a cup of truth - and baby, you can never get enough of this stuff:

•Your soul is of infinite value and worth 
• Your unique presence is wanted, needed and treasured on this earth 
• You carry the holy image of God inside you and are here for a purpose. 

If you are drinking anything less than this truth, spit it out, friend, it's poison.

Time to fill your cup to the brim with the divine truth. 

Happy drinking, beautiful one ☕️

Find The Light 

C U P  O F  C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Just found myself a cosy spot on the floor in my bedroom - the only space in this whole house where warm winter sunlight is quietly streaming through the window.

Oh it is almost mesmerizing and glorious to find this sweet haven on a chilly monday morning as I sip my first coffee. Puppy is already napping peacefully by my feet here. 

Finding some light and warmth in a cold season of life can do wonders for your body and soul. It's life-giving.

Where's your window of warmth today? What brings you life? It can be anything, whatever brings you joy! 

Make sure you go there today; spend a few moments letting your soul be warmed, encouraged, lifted as you inhale a huge breath of courage into your lungs.

Take care of yourself today and find the light


Dancing With Hope 

C U P O F C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Sometimes you've just gotta hold on through a rough patch. Especially when it's a patch of resurgent grief.

You may be like me - constantly dancing around a thread of grief in your life. It's a delicate, tricky dance; some days you are flawless while others you're a smashed mess on the floor. 

I did both this week as we celebrated my twin girls' 13th birthday. SO much love and joy! But also so much grief tugging at me as the severity of my daughter's disability was highlighted once again.

And all I could do was HOLD ON to HOPE, tight, as I let myself fall. crash. feel it. Then find my way again. 

Whatever loss or pain you dance around today, don't let go of HOPE.

Whether grief is tugging or screaming at you, let it come; it means you have a heart, you are alive. 

Hold on to hope, keep breathing and keep dancing.