I am a singer
a creative soul
a wife and mother
who occasionally tries to cook

I love sea shells
and kindness 
and the smile of my girls
gives me inexplicable joy

I want to live a life of gratitude
choose brave love 
and find beauty
even in the difficult days

I think life is richer when we share the journey
so I hope you’ll join me
for a cyber cup of courage now and then...

Puppy Lessons 

C U P  O F  C O U R A G E ☕️

So this is happening a lot at our house lately.

Yep, smitten by puppy love. This pup knows how to abandon himself to love. He does it a thousand percent, no holding back. Like a baby being held by its mama.

Does this image evoke it in you too? That deep need in your soul to be held, safely and unconditionally, in strong, secure arms? 

Truth is, us grownups need holding too. All humanity does. 

This puppy is reminding me to be a child and rest in God's unconditional love for me, just as I am today. I am so busy being the adult-parent-mother-grownup caring for others that I forget this part of me. I suspect you do too. 

Today I invite you to take a lesson from our puppy and let him teach you how to allow your imperfect messy self to be completely and utterly abandoned to God's unconditional love.

*Big exhale* you are loved today


TO DO Lists 

C U P  O F  C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Ah the beloved TO DO LIST 📝 

Do you love it or despise it?

You're probably running around right now doing a task on your list, furiously writing a list, or panicking because you've lost your list 😳 

Sometimes we need a TO DO LIST  for our HEART - so our day is not just about DOING, it's also about BEING. 

Check out this list. Which one tugged at you? Pay attention to it.

Mine is 'listen to my heart', something that too often gets lost in tasks. I want my day to end productive AND enriched. 

So what's on your HEART LIST today, my friend? ☕️

Have you filled your cup? 

C U P  O F  C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Have you filled your cup today? 

No, not your coffee or tea cup lol, I mean that space inside your soul - your fuel tank. You know, where all your energy flows from, so you can freely give out to those around you. 

If your cup is low or even empty then chances are your day is feeling stressed already 😳. 

Hey, I know how draining life can be, nurturing kids, running a household, working, attempting to keep a clean bathroom 😫 AND be a loving humanbeing - it's a lot, right? 

So here's the deal: you gotta learn to take care of yourself and FILL UP YOUR OWN CUP so you can give without fatigue, so pouring out love is a JOY not a resentment. We are all responsible to keep our own cups full. 

So what fills you up?

Steal a few moments being kind to yourself today, and then plan how to get a daily refill. 

😉And yes of course, please shout yourself a cup of your favorite whatever today


Autumn Leaves 

C U P  O F  C O U R A G E ☕️

I've been watching the autumn leaves fall.

One by one they just let go and gracefully flutter to the ground, slowly and gently. They let the breeze take them. It's almost a dance. So much grace and beauty.

No resistance, no fighting.

It's as if there's a joy in this process, because they know the secret rhythm of life. The change, the fall, the death are all necessary to create and sustain life for the next season. 

How I wish I could change and let go with such ease, such confidence!

Instead I desperately hold on, fighting change, revealing my oh so small faith in the Creator. You too? 

Today the autumn leaves are telling us to embrace change, embrace the letting go; the process is life-giving! 

Gaze on an autumn tree today, watch a leaf fall 🍁  Let it remind your soul that it's good to let go when necessary. 

And let your heart trust the goodness of the Creator and anticipate your next season

Be The Reason 

C U P  O F  C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Yep I woke feeling it too.

Jaded. Discouraged. Heavyhearted over how terrible humans can behave, how unjust our world can be.

Sometimes you can almost sense our collective sigh, can't you?

And yet...today I hold power in my hands.You do too. We woke up with it.

No, you can't rescue Syria today. Oh how I wish. But you CAN be a blessing on this earth today. Each in our own little corners. What that looks like, only you know; it's up to you. But YOU HOLD THE POWER to make a difference. Somewhere. Somehow. For someone. We ALL do. 

So use your power for good today, supergirl. In whatever way you can.

Be the reason someone feels hope. Be the reason someone feels their worth. Be the answer to a need, to a prayer. Do it, say it, give it, pay it. 

Look at your hands - do you see the power God has placed there? Please use it EXTRAVAGANTLY, 'cause this world needs it desperately ☕️

Be A Lifter 

C U P O F C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Yesterday I received a text message from a sweet friend in my tribe.

It contained her affirming words and a link to a song that she felt was for me. Just to know I was in someone's thoughts and prayers was the first blessing. I felt seen. 

And the song? It was like a bird carrying my soul to the exact place I needed to be; there I was sitting next to Jesus, good tears dripping into my coffee, downloading encouragement into my soul. 

Friends, this is how we LIFT EACH OTHER UP!

It's in the small things, the small kindnesses. A simple text, a call, a prayer, a meal can all be divine assignments from God. The power to bless and lift and strengthen is in our hands. 

What about you? Wanna be a LIFTER today?

Then follow that holy nudge, that thought; it's a whisper from God, inviting you to be a carrier of his blessing.

Be Still And Know 

C U P OF C O U R A G E ☕️ 

"Be still and know that I am God."

Sometimes this is the space we need to rest in, live in, pray in, nestle and hide in. Maybe that's you this week? 

Today is one of those days for me. No pushing, plotting, planning or even praying. Just deep abandonment to this truth - that God is here, with me. 
Today as I listen to the mighty ocean waves crash on the shore they are speaking to me. No audible words but full of wisdom, as if they know secrets I don't. 

Whether you are ridiculously lucky enough like me to actually visit the ocean today (thanks babe xx) or you are hiding in your pantry for a moments peace from your kids whilst sneakily inhaling left over easter eggs, please remember this truth and let it create a safe space for you.

Stop for a moment. Whisper or write or speak it out over whatever your soul is struggling with: "I will be still and know that He is God. He is with me. That is enough for me today."

Hold On 

C U P   of   C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Isn't this the truth? At different times our lives could be described as either AMAZING or AWFUL or ORDINARY.

Which word describes your life today? If it's amazing, then relish and soak it in, sister, BREATHE IT IN deeply! Yay! If it's ordinary and mundane, use it as time to EXHALE and catch your breath, it's a gift. 

And if awful is your word, friend I'm sending you the biggest hug, looking you in the eye and telling you to HOLD ON through this awfulness. Better days are ahead. Seasons change.

Whatever word describes your life today, own it and live it with a deep sense of gratitude for the crazy privilege of living this breathtaking heartbreakingly beautiful journey called life.

Soul Work 

C U P  OF  C O U R A G E ☕️ 

These words have been a powerful part of my journey.

Life seems to be a mixture of surrendering, letting go & believing again at different times. You too?

Have you noticed how hard this is to do? So much more than a cognitive decision?

It's soul work.

We slip and slide and crawl and fall and pray and rage and cry into the surrendering. the letting go. and the brave but fragile believing & dreaming again.

If you are a mess somewhere in this process today, I cheer you on LOUDLY my friend. Don't give up!

I pray for courage to rise as you wrestle and grow and heal.

You can do this ☕️


C U P OF C O U R A G E ☕️ 

Just heard the song 'This Is Me' on the radio as I dropped Jaz at school. Bawling again as I drive home 🙄

And it hits me what I want to say to you on this Monday my friend: BE YOU! Please be You! Have courage to unashamedly be the unique person you are meant to be!

Shine boldly in your own different way, because that's what you bring- a different way of seeing, thinking, loving and contributing. 

And please don't be ashamed of those bruises and scars, all humanity has them.

Look in the mirror today, brave soul, and see it: GLORIOUS