Book and Launch Update! 

Hello grateful friends,  

I hope you are continuing to look at life daily through those gratitude glasses! Gratitude really is becoming my biggest life lesson this year, and I am so glad I have embarked on this journey, even though sometimes it is a difficult decision to make in the moment.

Just wanted to send out a quick update;

For local Melbourne friends - My Book Launch for TRAVELLING TIPS FOR THE JOURNEY OF LIFE has been re-scheduled for Saturday September 23 at 5 pm.

Venue is still NOW AND NOT

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The Flu, an Apology and Friday... 

Hi Friends, 

Here's my news - I have the dreaded FLU, which unfortunately leads me to this APOLOGY, because I have had to make the difficult decision of postponing my Book Launch this Friday. So disappointing! 

If you were planning to attend this Friday night, I send you my sincerest apologies. 

But here's the rest of the news about FRIDAY - my Book TRAVELLING TIPS FOR THE JOURNEY OF LIFE will still be available to purchase via my website! I am so excited to share this book and CD with you and hope that…

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Gratitude and Encouragement 

Some of you may be doing the Gratitude Journey with me this year, and if that's you, I hope it has been a blessing in your life. 

I have been posting a daily gratitude on my HelenaMcNeillArtist Facebook Page every day this year, and I can tell you two things I have learned; 

1. It's not always easy to even WANT to look for something to be grateful for some days! 


2. It's ALWAYS good for my soul to reflect and find the blessings hidden in my day that I can be grateful for. ALWAYS. 

So I am…

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The Power of Giving and Receiving. 

The Power of Giving and Receiving. 

This past week our little family has had our collective socks  blessed off…and it has left a deep impression on me, just as it has on previous occasions when we have been the recipients of blessings via the hands and pockets of other people. 

Apart from being incredibly humbled as the grateful receiver, I am seeing something more powerful in this transaction than I have ever seen before. The blessing of giving and receiving goes both ways - it is just as powerful for…

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So how's this GRATITUDE thing working for you?  Podcast

I am on a treasure hunt this year, looking for gifts in my everyday life that I could easily miss. So at 47 days into this #365 Days of Gratitude adventure, I can report to you this: it doesn't come easy!!

Not only is there discipline involved (groan) in taking the time to reflect and write each day (do I hear an amen?), but it seems I am wired up to naturally grab my old trusty pair of worry glasses and view life through those anxious lens rather than my shiny faith-filled hopeful gratitude glasses!

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The Gratitude Journey 2017 

So I've been thinking about gratitude. You know, being thankful.

And how this simple act of choosing to look for something good happening in the middle of my messy life seems to have a powerful effect on me. It helps me be present in the life I have, not the life I wish I had. And it opens my eyes to the beauty and blessings in each day rather than blindly missing them.

I think I view my world better when I remember to put on my glasses of gratitude. If I choose to wear the glasses of comparison or regret I…

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I am a singer
a creative soul
a wife and mother
who occasionally tries to cook

I love sea shells
and kindness 
and the smile of my girls
gives me unexplainable joy

I want to live a life of gratitude
choose brave love 
and find beauty
even in the difficult days

I think life is richer when we share the journey
so I hope you’ll join me
on the gratitude journey...