House Concerts


Thank you for showing an interest in hosting a house concert! You are obviously someone who loves music, people, and opening your home.  In a house concert we bring those 3 elements together to create a rich and encouraging space for your guests! 

House concerts are new to me too, so I’m open and flexible about making them work in each individual scenario - every detail is flexible, just let me know what you feel suits your group of guests! House concerts can be casual or formal, reflecting you, your friends and your style.     


Here’s what you need to know; 

- You invite the guests. There’s no limit, invite as many as you can fit into your lounge room! (you need a minimum of 12) 

- Decide on a date and time; it can be a morning, afternoon or evening gathering - whatever suits most of the guests and yourself. 

- Please ask your guests to bring along their favourite cup or mug, it will be a tool for sharing our stories! 

- Refreshments can be whatever you decide to provide, simple or elaborate! Eg) 
basic coffee, tea and goodies 
or ask everyone to bring a plate to share 
wine and cheese 
coffee and dessert 
specific theme e.g., chocolate or cupcakes or a special occasion 

- I will arrive 60 mins earlier to set up my keyboard and mini PA in your lounge room. All I need is a power outlet and space to set up. I will also need close car parking access for my gear. Lots of stairs may be a venue deal-breaker, so please mention beforehand. 

 - I give a 1 hour presentation sharing songs, talking and leading some interactions in the group. We will laugh, chat and also dive into deeper spaces about the bittersweet in our lives. 

-  I bring my books/music, etc for purchase, so will need space to display them. Ideal position is near the food/refreshments, so guests can check that out over cuppa time. 

- Renumeration: I rely on the sale of my books/music to support this venture, so am hoping guests will purchase books @$20 each. Depending on the number of guests, another renumeration option is to have a donation basket at the event for guests to contribute to. A more formal option is to have a door charge - you will know best what suits your particular group of guests. We can mutually decide what suits your particular event. 


- Should you decide to go ahead, I will forward a blurb, promo pics and a link to my music video that you can use to invite guests; feel free to use whatever as part of the invitation you send out to your friends.


Use the CONTACT tab if you want to ask questions or chat further!